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Discussion in 'Software' started by Terry Robert Teppo, Jun 8, 2024.

  1. Terry Robert Teppo
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    Terry Robert Teppo New Member

    I have been trying to figure out all the issues with the design. but all of a sudden the center of the ship shifted to 0 zero - and all kinds of calculations in design hydrostatics are negative. how do i fix this?

    I know i have leeks. Thought they were there before this error occurred have many days/weeks into playing with this design and not want to have to start from scratch.

    is there a way to export and reimport?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. mick_allen
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    mick_allen -

    I don't fully recall, but I think freeship has difficulties with three surface sharing the same edge. [You might be able to play with layers and hydrostatics to resolve this, but I sorta don't think so.] Your leak points seem to call out these edges.
    In addition the 'x,11[approx.],z' plane needs to be resolve better at the at the upper stern modelling.

    For a quick check, save a junk copy, put all the non hydrostatic third surfaces in a junk layer [not the first and second surfaces], and delete the junk layer. Then see if the hydro works somewhat what you want. If it does, repeat with the good copy.
  3. Terry Robert Teppo
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    Terry Robert Teppo New Member

    Thank you. @mick_allen
    Figured out the issue doing what you said. I just kept deleting surfaces until only the actual hull was left. Then a saw the crease I had added and remembered the problem I had seen before.

    Prior freeship would not let me add the edge between the two points on the bow. So, I just went on with life without said edge. It made the development act weird, but I did not care. Then at some point I turned everything into creased edges. Then for some reason it let me add the edge as well as crease said edge, it would not let me do prior. This creased edge was the problem.

    Ok so freeship, very logically by the way, does not like a 0 zero distance between 2 creased surfaces - thus 2 pieces of 1/8 inch metal occupying a 0 inch of space. Which is what happened when I added the second creased edge to the for/bow/front/tip/forward portion of the hull.

    After discovery I went to remove the edge and it deletes the surf, that is the hull. Thus leaving big hole in the bottom of the boat. Which is basically what it had done when I made 2 surfaces occupy the same space it deleted one without showing.

    Thank as again Mick would never have found it without you.

    Attached pictures to explain a little
    Screenshot 2024-06-16 135149.png Screenshot 2024-06-16 135317.png Screenshot 2024-06-16 135535.png Screenshot 2024-06-16 135721.png
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