Freeship+/ Hydronship Baseline/Draft Setting

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    I really want to have the baseline of my model not start at the bottom of my sonar dome. I want it at the hull bottom. This would be partly so that if I make changes to the dome, it is only the NAVIGATION DRAFT that changes, not the entire model's draft.

    I am not able to readily determine what happens when I check the "Enable model to move to baseline" box. Well, what I actually do see is that the model sinks even farther down. Since it is there, there an advantage to this feature. But, when I move the ship up or down, trying to mate the bottom to what "looks like" the baseline in the model's world, everything goes more negative. I think it is impacting the hydros, and it doesn't confer any change in my exported dxf model.

    My workaround in CAD for now is to shift the model down, but I must remember to do this everytim I import it or parts of it.

    So, back to the original question: can anyone explain the behavior and is there a hydrodynams-related reason to consider the bulb's bottom as the model's baseline? Is it because it is integrated and there is a capability in Hydronship to more accurately estimate power, speed, turning, and so on when the bulb's effects dictate the model baseline to be farther down?

    And, for CAD/draftting reasons, would it be worthwhile to have the hull baseline as the model's and drawings' reference since the bulb can change mid-project, or even be altered after a few years in service. In that regard, though, I imagine such concerned designers would on their own distinctly position the model for construction purposes separately from hydros purposes.

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