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Discussion in 'Software' started by lazeyjack, Jul 18, 2006.

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    people, bonjour, gooday, Hullo I have a simple chine design, similar to Ovni I have hollows in the sections forwards, someone said I needs take out some points, but now I, can not see the points , even clicking on "show controls" if I could see em, how would I remove same?
    Thanks I think I,ve attached the file, any comment is good, any help is welcomed
    Ah and it has so many stations as default, how do I drop em all out and shove in my frame stations?

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    Freeship to Iges

    Hoi Jack,

    You posted an Iges model, i suppose you exported it from Freeschip.

    Freeship works with "subdivision surfaces" not Nurb surfaces like the Iges format supports. When exporting from Freeschip many control points are added to correctly represent the surface in Iges format.

    Do you want to refine your model in Freeship or for example in Rhino? Both allow for removing control points but the approach is different.
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    Lazeyjack to change stations and waterlines etc, go to the calculations menu then to intersections. I downloaded the igs file into maxsurf, the hollow in the bow can be removed by putting a bit of curvature in the keel line at the stem, keel line join.
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    thank you both, er Um thru out maxsurf, but have rhino lurking somewhere here
    Not saying MS was no good, I know it is very very good, just the seller told me READ THE MANUAL,, and I had over and over!!
  5. lazeyjack

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    i should stick to freeship
  6. lazeyjack

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    I searched the man. but can not see how to remove points, someone said the hollows forwards were caused by too many controls, in freeship I only have the 6 fore and aft, and that includes stem and (transom)
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    How's it look in Gaussian view ( Ctrl G in perspective viewport), any green/blue where there should be orange? If the points look OK try nudging them around a bit in the bodyplan view. To remove a point you must first collapse any edges that depend on it (for a pt w/ 4 edges, you must collapse 2), then you can collapse the point. Generally in Freeship it's better to nudge points into place than to collapse them. (Unless you imported the model from Michlet/Godzilla in which case there will be hundreds of points that you usually want to clean up).

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    SeaSpark -

    Removing points by collapsing points and edges.

    From page 26 of the Freeship 2.6 manual:

    6 control points in vertical direction seems to much to me, in general it is best to start with as few control points as possible.
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