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Discussion in 'Software' started by lewisboats, Nov 4, 2005.

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    Free!SHIP 2.1 has been released. This is copied from a post on the Boatdesign Yahoo! Group by Stephan Probst

    Homepage: or

    FREE Download from:

    - preview in the files that show up in the database
    - hydrodynamics:
    KAPER resistance calculation for canoes and kayaks,
    Export files to Michlet
    and some more improvement in editing, hydrostatics, etc.

    Version 2.10
    Released November 03, 2005

    New features:
    * Show/hide layers in the linesplan
    * Save a preview of the model in the file
    (used for browsing designs at the FREE!ship website)
    * Choose in project settings if hydrostatic coefficients
    should be calculated using the dimensions
    from the project settings or the actual waterline dimensions
    * Export files to Michlet
    * Zoom in/out by using the mousewheel, rotation of perspective viewports
    by keeping middle mousebutton (or mousewheel) pressed
    * KAPER resistance calculation for canoes and kayaks,
    according to John Winters
    * Move points with arrow keys (not in perspective view).
    Increase/decrease stepsize by pressing + or -.
    Click the panel saying "Incr. distance" on the statusbar
    to manually set the distance.
    * Added the following waterplane properties to the hydrostatics:
    waterplane area, coeff., LCF, entrance angle and
    Trv/long. moment of inertia
    * Added metacentric height to hydrostatics
    * Ctrl selecting of faces
    * Added sectional area info to design hydrostatics
    * Project selected points on a straight line segment

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    That's great. I think this is really getting useful!
  3. LP
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    Thanks for the post. I've been waiting for 2.1. Great stuff.
  4. Pelle
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    Thxs..the missing featured keep being added..
  5. DGreenwood
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    You know what, this guy deserves a big attaboy. It is really a slick software. I love using it and now that it has the mouse wheel controls of zoom and rotate, it is just a dream to use. He is not taking donations but I wish I could show some gratitude for his work somehow. Thanks for your efforts, you are really doing a nice job.

  6. tandu
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    Hello to everyone!
    I'm new on this forum as writer.
    Many thanks for your work, I'm using your tool for a dream!

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