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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by jules moore, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I am a freelance yacht interior designer with a strong background in design and manufacture. I have a great deal of real world experience in working in yards and understand how to design and detail yachts to maximise the visual impact, whilst keeping the design to a budget. I have links with other top UK based freelancers who help me on projects with systems design and management as well as fabric and furnishings specification.

    I have spent enough time in yards to accept the different ways that each boat-builder likes to work and find a way to work around them and learn from each project. I am use to working from the sketch presentation stage, to full 3d models and photo realistic renderings and finally to full shop construction drawings. I have worked on power and Sail boats from 30ft to 150metres, one off and mass production. I can design, detail and manage lightweight interiors. As I am a freelancer I don’t have huge studio overheads so I can afford to be very competitive on project costs. Please feel free e-mail or to call and discuss any projects, visuals or drawing work you need help with.
    With best regards
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    Good luck to you Julian
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