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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Barbaros, Jan 26, 2008.

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    I did not realise that the .jpg files with frames is what you sell as a "full set of plans" for a 46' trawler yacht.

    If it's that quick and easy for you to do the complete design of such a vessel, why bother studying naval architecture?

    This thread will probably warn some prospective clients of your's how you work, so I can understand why you don't mind if it's deleted. You don't seem to get more free help here anyway.

    Regards, Morro
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  2. Barbaros
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    Sorry, still there are few misunderstanding.
    I am not selling any .jpg files as full set of plans for a 46' Trawler.
    I just mention a "zipped" file where you can download Luxemotor plans.
    I am not expecting any client through this forum (I have enough income).
    I was just trying to setup a creative and collaborative work through a friendly environment around an original project.
    Only Guillermo and few other individuals get some positive reaction.
    Sorry, I tried to do something nice and useful; this was a mistake.
    I am a little disappointed and will never do it again.

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    volteretas ingeniero tecnico naval

    thank barbaros , ha sido bárbaro
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    Vessel Plans

    If you can write in English, please do it. I am very limited in Spanish.
    If you are interested in more data exchange and collaboration, please let me know.
    It will be completely free of charge and out of this forum.


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    Volteretas a dis ' merci barbaros , ca a etait terrible' Les espagnol adore les jeux de mots
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