FREE!ship continues as DELFTship

Discussion in 'Software' started by Martijn_vE, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. pavel59
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    pavel59 Yacht Designer

    just a new episode added to the 3DboatDesign saga, please read the following email and enjoy...

    "Hi Paolo,

    Thanks for the email. Can you please send your receipt id so I can action a
    refund for you. It appears that you used a different email address as I am
    unable to find it.

    In regards to the program, please review the GPL license that this software
    has been created under. This allows programs to be sold, re-branded etc.

    This software is a branch of the freeship project, and set up in 2009.


    The team"
  2. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Funny, it doesn't say that anywhere on the product or its marketing materials.... nor does it say anywhere in said marketing materials that it's under the GNU GPL....
  3. Bluwaterbrew
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    Bluwaterbrew Junior Member


    Hi, I am an affiliate marketer who also happens to work in the marine industry. I was online trying to find a new product to promote and ran across the 3D Boat Design that was mentioned in this thread. I immediately noticed that this was Free Ship based on the screen shots.

    I would really like to promote a product related to this field, however, I do not want to promote a product that is being sold in this nature. Do you have an affiliate program for your product?
  4. Bluwaterbrew
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    Bluwaterbrew Junior Member

    I was thinking it could be WIN WIN for both of us. I would get to promote a product that I enjoy and also I could help you out with getting links with higher page ranks in google as mentioned earlier!

  5. DavidJ
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    DavidJ Senior Member

    Another funny thing (ironic?) about this 3dboatdesign saga is that since they are advertising with google their ad even appears on this website occasionally. It was just there for me right above the threads. Until you log in that is then you don't see the ad.
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