Free rendering/drawing type software?

Discussion in 'Software' started by abosely, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. abosely
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    abosely Senior Member

    I know and understand pretty much nothing about design and drawing software. So if my question comes across a bit silly please bear with me. :)

    Iʻm just finally ready to get started building my Wharram Narai Mk IV. I want to do a side view rendering of her that can show paint scheme colors. The paint scheme is pretty simple, red below water line, black hulls and red bulwarks.
    Actually my nephew will be doing the computer work, heʻs much better at this and enjoys doing it.

    Not wanting to do any engineering or design type work with it, just as nice of a scale drawing as feasible.

    I donʻt know if this is practical or not. Casey has used Google sketch up, but if possible would like to be able to use a little better or advanced program for finer details and accuracy.

    Later, depending on cost I would like to pay someone to make a nice color rendering for me, but for now just a DIY program would be nice.

    Cheers, Allen
  2. SukiSolo
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    You should find a 2D package will be able to do this. Adobe Illustrator, for example, will defintely give good results, I use a more 2D CAD program but there are a few cheap maybe free ones that should be able to do it. If you need 3D it becomes trickier, and where Sketchup is probably your best bet.
  3. NoEyeDeer
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    NoEyeDeer Senior Member

    If you want 3D, Blender would do it easily.
  4. AusShipwright
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    AusShipwright Junior Member

    Rhino 3d offers a 3 month free trial if that's a long enough time frame to complete what you need.

  5. abosely
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    abosely Senior Member

    Thanks guys, Iʻll check out these and let Casey know to check them out too.
    When we get something drawn up Iʻll post it.

    Cheers, Allen
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