Free or Low Cost Hull Modeling Software

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Which free or low cost hull modeling program(s) do you use?

  1. Bearboat

  2. Blender

  3. BoatExpress

  4. Carene

  5. Carlson Design Hull Designer

  6. Free!Ship

  7. Free!Ship Plus

  8. DELFTship free

  9. HullCAO

  10. HullForm

  11. jSDN

  12. PolyCAD

  13. SketchUp

  14. Other (please post below)

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  1. Mike Inman
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    Mike Inman Junior Member

    Thanks, those are awesome designs.

    As I said, it's probably more how I've been using Blender than Blender itself. OpenSCAD starts with a text editor and I just naturally approach that by starting to define variables for critical dimensions and build up the geometry from those, and, as you say, if you want an elliptical surface in OpenSCAD (not a squashed circle) you get out the equation for the ellipse and write a code-loop to draw it...

    Blender starts out with that damn useless cube in the middle of a point-click-drag-drop interface and when I want Blender to do virtually anything, I Google search up a few YouTube videos which eventually show me more or less what I'm looking for - but as I said, these tend to the clay-sculpting approach. For instance: your (extremely impressive) toy tugboat drawing, after you placed the stringers, there's not a parameter in the model where you can change the overall length or beam and the stringers adjust to match, is there? If I could base my Blender renders on adjustable parameters where I might, for instance, change the interior cabin dimensions and have the exterior hull shape adjust itself to match, I'd be much more excited about spending the time developing the models.

    Clearly, Blender makes the more attractive renders, but when I want to tweak and trade off parameters like cabin vs gangway width still fitting in a limited beam, it doesn't feel like I can readily do that in Blender.

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  2. Dolfiman
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