Free of charge, Steel - polyurethane foam -Steel insulation sheets

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    Hi to all,

    May be this may be of interest to some of you, for boat building projects you may have on the go.

    It's from ebay listing no. 140214120403

    We have approximately 15 tonnes of used insulation boards at our Dudley (west of Birmingham) site that we are prepared to give away FOC so long as you organise the collection. They have been used as cold store room panels, but could also be used for insulation in many building applications (roofing or panelling). 1mm thick steel facings on both sides (NOT foil) - so will require a saw to cut up. Assorted lengths as per picture. Insulation in sandwich is polyurethane foam, although we have about 2 tonnes of fibreglass panels (also steel faced) in 30m uncut lengths.
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