FREE -Nordic/Norstar 40 & 44 FRP molds!!!

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    Hi all.
    Came across a CList ad yesterday -the people who have been building the Nordic/Norstar 40 & 44's are retiring. They've got the molds for the two boats sitting off on a side yard gathering blackberry brambles, and they'd like to give them away, for free rather than crush them up.

    I looked at the molds, and they are in EXCELLENT shape.

    Here's the design info and some articles:

    Nordic 40 on Sailboat Data
    An article/review on the "Norstar 40"...

    and another...

    And the Nordic 44 on Sailboat Data...

    and some yachtworld stuff...

    Real pretty boats!

    If I was a younger man looking to start up a company making boats, I might be tempted to include those designs in our offerings.

    The molds could be gotten onto a flatcar (train) very easily, or a flatcar semi and shipped anywhere in the USA for a middlin, and anywhere in the world for a bit more.

    I'll update with Gary (?)'s contact info/# or whomever is giving them away as I get that info.

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