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    Too often, engineers have learned GHS simply by reading through the reference manual. Reference manuals do not provide the structure and layered introduction necessary for training in new software. GHS stands for General HydroStatics. It is a widely popular piece of software used for hydrostatic and stability analysis in the marine community.

    Too help out all new GHS users, Datawave Marine Science (DMS) provided a series of video tutorials, which introduce the main elements of GHS. All the tutorials include videos and homework files that let you practice your skill sets.

    The tutorials are divided into several categories and each video covers a specific subject. They are intended for people to work through them sequentially. Categories include:
    000 Introduction to GHS
    100 GHS Interface
    200 Model Creation
    300 Output Control
    400 Basic Hydrostatics
    500 Intact Stability Analysis
    600 Damage Stability Analysis
    700 Structural Analysis
    800 GHS Scripting
    900 Special Features

    You can find all the tutorials here:
    GHS Tutorials | Datawave Marine Science

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    Thank you, this is a great contribution...
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    Can you get “530 GHS Heeling Moments: How to add heeling moments like wind and passenger loading.”?
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