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    ok first a couple of simple replies to a few of the points raised from this,

    one im kinda curious as to what kind of company would claim to be able to get more energy out of water than they put in, unless they are somehow taking advantage of the impurities in the water used or some unknown catalyst that stores a large amount of potential energy? As stated earlier the laws of energy conservation pretty much mean that there is a maximum amount of energy that can be got out of any material, so even if you initiated a fusion reaction in the water the ignition energy to start the reaction would be the same as the energy created even at 100% efficiency
    Think of it on the most efficient terms - the sun joins atoms together and releases the spare energy as heat, light and radiation (yes i know heat and light are radiation technically) so unless they are converting the water to a less energetic material there isnt really any way to create more energy than you put in.
    The basics of creating hydrogen fuel is usually through electrolosis of water, and certain catalysts can make this more energy efficient for this to be the only energy souce for the car even though a fuel cell is a very efficient way of then converting hydrogen to energy would require the process to run at close to 100% efficiency, not to mention the inherient inneficiency of mechanics and aerodynamics. though i would be very curious to know the potential energy output for there claimed 1 litre of water providing 80kph for up to an hour especially as the car probably weighs at least 500kg

    as for the goverment conspiracy theories why would the goverment get involved there have been a dozen or more different invetors that have produced catalysts and additives that can improve fuel economy and efficiency generally by bonding water with the fuel to less energy is wasted as heat in the engine. The majority of these have all been bought by the big oil companies as they are the ones with the most money to offer for them, the only exception ive heard to this was caterpillar in canada bought the rights for one. the goverments dont have to do anything.

    As for the interesting stuff if you want to make an energy efficient boat you could use thermocouples built into the hull taking advantage of the temperature differentiation above and below the water. solar panels woven into the sail could be possible though would add significant weight to the sale with current materials, and hydrogen fuel creation is worth consideration but it would be most likely just as efficient to use modern light weight batteries to store the electricity which could be used to power an electric motor for propulsion. And greatly decreases the nasty risk of the boat becoming a floating bomb, although you have to admit this could help decrease the number of yachts sunk by tankers and freighters if one or two went down when a yacht they hadnt seen suddenly blew a great big hole in their bow, i get the feeling they would be a bit more cautious looking out for them if that happened.

    Dont get me wrong id love this to be true I am surprised reuters would publish on something like this
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