Free Fuel Forever!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by FAST FRED, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Fanie Fanie

    Yipster is a COOKIE :p

    Don't look too hard at the sun, you could go blind. Besides, it's up to nuggets currently. We are freezing our butts off. Global warming my arse.
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    globaldude court jester

    What the heck is a "cookie" fanie ?? [ oh by the way, we spell it fanny over here , but I do know what that is :rolleyes: ]

    Anyway, I've changed my mind, it's not thermolysis as I first thought [ having at first glossed over the article yipster eluded to ,I went back and read it all. [ see the link he gave ]

    My money is on artificial photosynthisis [ sounds good too :cool: ]
    in fact this is all making good sence to me now [ don't worry , even when I talk crap - and I can do that for hours - it all makes sence to me then too ]
    Why [ sure I heard you :p ]
    Because a certain friend of mine has shown me his fuel cell that merrily produces both hydrogen and oxy @ aprox 120C [ note research temps in the thousands & coolest was the copper-chlorine cycle @ 550C uuuuuuh !

    I know his secret "stuff" he uses to convert it .[ well I know what he said, I hope he's right ] Point is, we plugged it into a small solar panel [ see see, not perpetual motion ok , so don't say it ! ] and in nanoseconds bubbles appeared in the two tubes comming from either side of his fuel cell.
    having filled each of the two glass inverted [ in water ] bottles with both hydrogen [ in one ] and suprise suprise, oxy in the other we unpluged the two wires from the solar panel to the fuel cell and then plugged them into a small electric motor. [ now you know what I mean , from the cell to the motor, not the solar panel -- stop being dificult :D ]
    The motor ran and the water level rose in the jars as the gases were reunited and formed water again -- interestingly the water level in the big tank remained the same throughout .

    So lets see, we had solar energy converting into hydrogen and oxy , then recombineing as water but dropping off electrons on the way and powering the motor .
    Now if we were to recover the 120c temp output of the fuel cell for say ; hot water , refrigeration too . Hey I know, why not break down salt water , washing away the brine left over, and when we recombine we'll do it to the side and keep the pure water --- I shall call this procedure ---
    Desalination :!:
    So to recap, solar in [ or wind turbine, water generator ] sufice to say ,energy in .
    Out is, electrickery , hot water, refrigeration and desalination .Have I missed anything ? [ I'm sure someone just said christmas bells ! ]
  3. yipster
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    yipster designer

    go on, i'm charging


    and lets use it free on site, liquifying the stuf and pumping it through pipes to sell in NY needs cooling
    gives losses couse its the simplest of all atoms and tends to attach or fly through the rest of our little frends
  4. globaldude
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    globaldude court jester

    he he, I knew you're on to it !.
    On site only way to go --- or on board we should say eh !?.
    The the little buggers will hang about porcilane [ sp ? ] as a reasonable storage medium .
    You know I can't disclose too much you realise or they will come for me :( .

    The real question is, whether the boys with white coats get to me first :D .

    so send me a private mail if my ramblings deserve merit oh wise one !.

    I'm doing stuff in "my" tidal river that I'm told [ in no uncertain terms ] is not possible so am shy to speak -- having said that, a respected friend who, having visited me while I was " playing" , is now a believer -- halelujah :eek: .
  5. yipster
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    yipster designer


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  6. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Genepax (that Japanese water-car outfit) refuses to say what their "membrane electrode assembly" generator actually is. Probably the most credible explanation is that the thing is actually a hydrogen-on-demand system fuelled by metal hydrides. So while water is one of the reactants, the actual fuel is a rather expensive metal hydride material.

    Globaldude, what you describe in post #32 is hardly new technology. Electrolysis of water by electricity has been well known for more than a century, and spacecraft have been getting their potable water from their fuel cells since the '60s. And I can assure you, if you try to electrolyze salt water, you will get more than just hydrogen and oxygen coming off (think highly toxic chlorine gas).
  7. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    I've just invented a pill that can be added to water to turn it into petrol (gasoline). One pill converts 10 liter water into 95 octane and it cost 6 cents to produce a pill.

    First chap who hands me U$20 billion in cash can have the recipe. Because this will benefit the whole of mankind, I'm prepare to face the men in black, governments and even the devil himself. :cool:
  8. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    The devil cannot handle your coordinates politely presented on the top right! Looking upwards from underneath they do┬┤nt make sense.:D
  9. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

    Apex, I like your point of view.

    Wynand, if you leave the container open to evaporate some of the water won't the octane increase some ? I'm looking for higher octane.
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  10. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    I like yours.......

    when it is possible to copy the pill in China and make it become say, 2cent, and if you then would be fine with just seven Billion, I assume there will soon be a prospective investor at your front door.
  11. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    ive also developed free unlimited energy but its going to cost you
  12. mydauphin
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    mydauphin Senior Member

    I have free energy idea also, I was thinking of hooking up dogs to tread mill attached to drive shaft. Also, I can pickup poop and use that to produce hydrogen to be injected into diesel for alternator to recharge batteries to sell to electric utility when I get back.
  13. backyardbil
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    backyardbil Junior Member

    How about a windmill boat?

    You could put a windmill on a boat and sail directly against the wind.
  14. tom28571
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    tom28571 Senior Member

    Sorry, but Frank King of Gasoline Alley beat you to that by over 90 years. If you don't know who that is, you are a youngster. I always wondered if the grey coats got to Walt or Skeezix before they got to market:D

  15. globaldude
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    globaldude court jester

    Hmm windmill against wind -- done.
    Mashmat I thought electrolisis was a positive and negative imersed in water and one giving off oxy & the other H . so how do you reverse that procedure ?.
    Just had a whee look around youtube and two that caught my eye were the guy who , while trying to find a way to kill cancer cells with radio waves , can hit salt water in a tube and it [ suposedly ] burns .
    Ok, could be elaborate scams , like the other one where the guy has his car running on water but how do you get the news boys broacasting his invention and [ stated by nbc ]" the military is converting some of their Hummers to run on either gas or water " .
    All lies eh ! . The earth is Flat ! If man was supposed to fly he would have wings ! .Thats imposible, next thing you say man will be walking on the moon .
    There's nothing new under the sun --- patent office is busy as usual .

    Don't get angry and cynical because of your unbelieif , if it aint truth it wont last . [ it really amazes me how some people get their nickers in a knot because some ignorant barstard has the audacity to make a claim and challenge the norm when clearly it hasen't been done before therfore is impossible - period ! ]
    I'm learning [ optimisim ] to follow the example of others here on these humble pages of Boat design , namely to give others the room to explain themselves -- otherwise known as enough rope to hang them selves :) .

    Without mentioning names , I was most impressed with one Gentleman who, having had several rude remarks thrown at him [ I'd have to say it's typical from this ethnic group of people to be this way ] replyed most graciously to the verbal cr** thrown at his remarks , then gently pointed out why he was in error . I just wanted to tell the guy he was a jerk and to stop being offensive , but was glad I just stood back to see how the genleman responded .

    How about , " there's no smoke without a fire ! " Hydrogen Hydrogen , darn stuff , can't even see it ! . Lots of smoke blowing all over the world now , I'm not sure but I don't think they can keep the lid on much longer !. What with this new fangled internett youtube thingy people are going public before they can shutem down .
    Probably take something like a scary big war to sidetrack them . Perhaps a few nukes flying around the middle east .
    Ok, thats it , i'll promise to keep to known boat stuff now ok ? but throw away, whatever you want to throw at me :)
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