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    Maritime operations are highly sensitive and controlled operations which depend heavily on the right engineering. Right from the selection of the smallest items like the pad-eye to intricate analyses like a dynamic lifting, these operations demand great detail in their engineering execution, while also being compliant with stringent industry standards.
    We’re pleased to present to our users and subscribers the Vol I of the marine operations guide, which consists of TheNavalArch’s choicest articles providing in-depth knowledge of the following marine operations:

    198 pages, 21 articles on

    To download your free guide, please visit Marine Operations Guide - Volume I - TheNavalArch

    We hope that this guide will serve you as a source of knowledge in times of need, and contribute to success in your marine operations. Please do provide us your valuable feedback by writing to
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    Got mine, looks legit. Has links to OPs other materials that cost money.

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