Francis Joyon set to depart on New York to Lizard record attempt

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Corley, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I know I'm just an armchair sailor but those short floats wouldn't inspire my confidence, maybe it's just the video I've seen but Idec looks like it hobbyhorses a lot and seems to always be wanting to dig the bows in, I reckon it needs longer floats.
    But hey it just broke the record so what would I know !
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    But that's exactly why Nigel Irens likes to stick on those big bows!

    Here's Thomas Coville's notorious nosedive right after starting his 2011 Jules Verne. In spite of the wickedly submerged port hull, the boat came up again.

    Don Quoville found smiling handsomely to the camera difficult in this posture, and before he reached the sheet or the tiller his steed Sodebo had picked herself up again.


    the video shows the 'planté' about 40 seconds in:

    There was a good comment on this from "Hump101" in Brittany at the time:

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    Hi Corley
    Thanks for posting the link to the tracker,I enjoyed following the progress.
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    So if you aren't quite 57 years old yet,
    or you don't have several children,
    or you haven't been married to a loving spouse for 25 years...

    Imagine for a moment, nonetheless, that all these wonderful assets are what define your normal daily circumstances.

    But now and then you take off, on your own, and incidentally scare the daylights out of the entire family and make headlines around the world, returning home a hero greater than before!

    Sounds too good to be true?

    I guess that's the drawback to being a record breaking solo sailor,
    you have to leave the wife and kids out of the most intense moments.

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    Corley epoxy coated

    Record ratified by the WSSRC for the Transatlantic record:

    IDEC is not 118ft long though more like 97 ft

    The World Speed Sailing Record (WSSR) Council has announced the establishment of a new World Record.

    Record: Singlehanded Transatlantic
    Yacht: 'IDEC' 118ft Tri
    Name: Francis Joyon. FRA
    Dates:. 11th to the 16th June 2013
    Start time: 09;15;20 UTC on 11/06/13
    Finish time: 12;11;30 UTC on 16/06/13
    Elapsed time: 5 days 2 hours 56 minutes and 10 seconds
    Distance: 2880M
    Average speed: 23.41 kts
    Comments: Previous Record: 'Sodebo'. Thomas Coville, FRA. Jul 08. 5d 19h 30m 40s
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