Forward vs rear prop location

Discussion in 'Props' started by rcnesneg, Nov 10, 2016.

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    What are the pros and cons of putting a saildrive type system behind or infront of the keel of a typical displacement sailboat smaller than 60 feet?

    The only reasons I can find for not wanting the propeller in front is risk of fowling with weeds and turbulence on the keel while underway, and the lack of prop-wash on the rudder. Is there any impact on maneuvering in close quarters by having the prop way up front?

    Are there any other big reasons why most props are in the back?
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    Well, the obvious thing is damage to the wheel mounted forward, when you bash into something. A lot of turbulence would peel off this arrangement and I don't know any sailor that would like the idea of this flowing over their fin. Lastly, prop wash helps steering, so mounted up front, you'd have some loses.
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    With an azimuthing unit control may not be too bad, i.e. a'la FFG 7. I don't expect a fixed unit to steer well.
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