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Discussion in 'Forum Questions and Suggestions' started by Jeff, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. DanishBagger
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    DanishBagger Never Again

    Hmm, yet you respond, Jack ;)
  2. Wellydeckhand

    Wellydeckhand Previous Member

    Moderator think like Jack

    WoW, a moderator actually mimic you, thinking the same way? I am honored to meet with Mr. JackFrost............. :eek: :D :eek:
  3. SeaSpark
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    SeaSpark -

    Helping the forum and Jeff

    Sean, sorry if i was a bit trigger happy!

    The best contribution we can make is posting useful information. Large amounts of expensive bandwidth and server capacity are wasted by people browsing through useless posts. Not to mention the proffesionals leaving the forum. The value of the forum grows with the quality of the information it contains.

    Have heard nothing about problems funding the forum. If there are, i guess many regular visitors would not mind donating some money.
  4. Vega
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    Vega Senior Member

    Welly, you have been posting this post on several threads.

    It looks to me that you should not do that, but post it in the right place, that it is here:

    About the post, I have not the slightest idea of what are you talking about.

    You have been banned? What Sid Nixon Article are you talking about? Why have you been banned?

    You should explain things better because this way nobody will understand anything.

    PS: I have seen that as wellydeckhand you still have 36 reputation points. If you were banned you should have negative reputation points. Are you sure you have been banned?
  5. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Impersonating another person using their name and email without their consent is grounds for being permanently banned from the forum. We received a complaint from a third party that wellydeckhand had impersonated this third party posting under their name and email address without their consent.
    Sid Nixon emailed using the email in his profile and testified that he never visited this site nor posted the 15 posts under his username. Upon inspection, they came from the same IP address that you, wellydeckhand, used to post dozens of posts from so the above does not seem to hold water. The fact that you posted under multiple identities before and had conversations with yourself obviously does not help your case.
  6. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Oh for chists sake, let people say what they want to say. Its a forum isnt it. If you dont like them then dont open thier post. Whats the big deal. Welly obviously loves this forum,-- enthusiastic at times,-- Ok but so what, I dont see what harm he does. Dont look then!!!

    Gonzo submits engineering facts that are incorrect, there are other participants who have told him so, yet he does not submit web sites or what ever to prove himself . yet insists on others to do so.
    He calls welly a winner,-- Oh boy

    This is a good Forum and I like it, leave the bloody thing as it is and dont ban people because of well what?? who the hell is Sid Nixon any way.

    Well thats me banned then,---If I am then this is not a forum. Ok take away my measly 16 points. I studied 6 years at technical colledge and had a Rolls Royce apprenticeship. My last job was --- oh well never mind. 17 points a bloody insult.
  7. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    OK then.... shall we all just start behaving like adults again?
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  8. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Words of wisdom --thank you,--I think we are Marshmat. What I am against is acting like children. Banning people ---well .

    There are people on this forum that reply in a short arrogant fashion, like I know what I am doing.-And there are others who are full of fun and enthusiasm. I respect both of their right to be here.
    My dislike for some encourages me to log on every day to see what utter BS they have come out with today. What crazy questions have been asked.--- Infact when I think about it I log on to see more of that than anything else.
  9. SailDesign
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    SailDesign Old Phart! Stay upwind..

    I think the problem is not with folks acting like children and getting cranky (which we all do from time to time...) but with people impersonating others, which is immoral and illegal in most cases (but not fattening).
    Banning someone for illegal behaviour would seem like a no-brainer.
    Also remember - this is Jeff's private forum. He does not HAVE to live by any rules but his own. I'm sure there are aspects of behaviour exhibited by the denizens here that he disapproves of, but allows to happen because the mjority of his visitors (we are not clients, BTW) prefer it that way.
    Jeff's methods of moderation have so far resulted in a pleasant environment for most and by most, with the occasional fruit-cake or twit sounding off. That they are allowed to continue posting is due to Jeff's kindness. Impersonation is a different thing altogether.
  10. Vega
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    Vega Senior Member

    I like Welly, I mean, with him this forum opened up and people all over the world started to post more frequently and in a less restricted way. But the problem here is not what Welly says, but what he has said impersonating another person (according to Jeff) and not an imaginary one, but a real person, who happens to be a boat designer and boat builder.

    That seems rather strange even for Welly and I hope Jeff has given him all the possibilities to explain the situation, but if this is really true, it should not be taken lightly.

    Anyway I would like to hear what Welly has to say to these accusations (if Jeff permits). Of course this is Jeff’s forum and he said that he has checked the IP from Sid Nixon and from Welly and that it was the same IP....and that seems hard to explain.

    But all this is very sad....Welly, I would really like to understand this situation :(
  11. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    Jack Frost: can you post some of engineering facts that you claim I posted and are wrong? That someone else, like you claim are wrong doesn't make them so. Seems like all the complains about rules always come from people with bad manners and that routinely make unfounded claims; often against other posters. There are rules to keep this a marine forum and to prevent libel. Also, my website is on my information, all you have to do is click on my name on any post.
  12. SheetWise
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    I agree with Vega. While every venue needs the occasional jester -- treading on the reputation of a real person is beyond the pale. Adding to this the previous, and somewhat public censure for treading on the reputation of a fictional foil -- Welly seems intent on maintaining a one man disquisition.

    On the other hand -- and aside from the alleged harm to Mr. Nixon -- there should be a way to harness Wellys enthusiasm, assuming he's back on his meds ;)

    Perhaps as an antithesis to reputation points, moderator may encumber the offenders account with the avitar of a jester -- just to ensure that visitors and those unaware of the embroglio are forewarned.
  13. Lyle Creffield
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    Lyle Creffield Junior Member


    I am new to this forum but find generally it is a very good forum

    It is most important to be clear in what we say and leave the emotion out

    Cultural sensitivity is important with a global service like this one

    satisfied user

  14. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    It is most important to be clear in what we say and leave emotion out--- This is not easy, Some people are emotional we are all different--what I say or Welly says may seem like a nut to some. Probably of a different culture. Some post are by people who are actually communicating in English although there mother tongue is not.
    I have read some posts with my head in my hands trying to understand what on earth are they talking about. A quick glance to the top right indicates these people are English speakers. Such as #54 What does 'not fattening' mean in this context? What is a no-brainer? (chuckling) I honestly dont know!!
    I only hope that Jeff did give Welly a reaonable ammount of lee way to put his point forward, and I hope he was not banned simlply due to his inability to sufficiently answer the questions put to him and not due only to his inability to comminicate in a language that his not his own.
  15. Admin
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    Admin Administrator

    Just to be clear, the only reason Welly was banned is because we got a complaint threatening legal action because a person said they had been impersonated by welly.

    Back in 1998-2000 when the registration options were set software developers were not as aware of online identity theft, fraud, etc. being threats for non-critical software applications, so when you registered for the forum you were simply asked for your name and email and they were taken at face value. This allowed someone for example to signup as "jack frost" and enter for the email address and it would simply be accepted and you're off and running - convenient and efficient, but no verification. In this case (the first ever of its kind for us) we first got a complaint that the person wanted to know why they were getting emails from our site. I explained it was because they had posted in x, y, and z topics and under their UserCP had "instant email notification" set as the default preference to be notified when others replied. I was quite surprised to get a reply back where the person stated that they had never visited our site nor had they ever posted those topics/replies and further demanding that they be removed immediately as they had not posted them. They were posted under their username and email, so at first I didn't know what to make of it. Upon inspection however, the IP used to post those posts was the same IP used by wellydeckhand to post dozens of posts on the forum here. Combine this with the fact that wellydeckhand has previously created multiple identies and had discussions with himself using aliases here on the forums, and it appears it has simply gone over the line here impersonating a real person who did not like it. Finally, in response to being banned instead of contacting the moderator/webmaster with his side of the story refuting the evidence, the response was to create yet another forum identity and post off-topic complaints in a number of other threads which itself is against the rules.

    Registration now requires the email address entered to be verified before new accounts are activated, so while it adds a couple of minutes and an extra step, at least someone can no longer signup by forging someone elses email address.
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