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Discussion in 'Forum Questions and Suggestions' started by Jeff, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Ari
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    Ari Patience s/o Genius

    Well Jack I do agree with you about those accronim for address. After a while I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore. Anyhow I had is still very hard to remember all those short forms. Not many will know the place if I had just put in P.D or KL.or JB..maybe KK.. eventhough those accronim are well known in Malaysia.
    Wet chicken never fly at night Jack..? are you sure..? Seen on TV during news time last night..those chicken running around in trying to avoid the police drag net..! not very sure wether their feathers is already wet at the time..The enforcement agency manage to catch the mother hen and a few cockerel :cool: .
  2. westlawn5554X
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT

    The acro is useful for shortening address, yes, but international viewer might feel strange, anyway now gonna learn that too... ebay use it all the time.
  3. Figgy
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    Figgy Senior Member

    Signatures mostly reflect a persons ideology.
    Take mine for example, in its entirety;
    In my opinion, thats a beautiful statement that reflects me well.
    I like to read peoples signatures for the insight it provides me into the mindset of the people posting. (if that makes sense)
  4. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Point taken. Of course, in under 5 seconds you can find the answer with a quick google search (the link I posted took one click to find), so I don't see it as a real problem, but you are correct, it's easy to forget that common knowledge in our part of the pond isn't global.

    If you don't want to see signatures, click on your User CP (user control panel) and under options uncheck signatures and/or avatars and you will no longer see them.
  5. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Jeff --While I have your attention --and thanks for that info on cancelling the signitures by the way, I would never had guessed that was possible, any way I was going to say how can you see who deducted points from the reputation?

    Apparantly I have just had a whacking 7 points reduced from a very modest 20 for apparantly being rude to you!! Do you think I was rude to you?

    Do we have to suffer these fools who find rudeness where non was meant, then put themselves up as judge ,jury and executioner.

    Or possibly using an entirely different post and or thread to suggest that some one else made the deduction.

    Or using this discussion with you the Boss, an ideal time to make a deduction, encouraging me to think that it was you who made the deduction and therfore increasing the 'ouch factor'.

    I understand the dilema however, anonimity will be open to manipulation and naming the deductor would cause fights.

    The result of this is of course to make me now suspicious of every one. certainly dampening my enthusiasm to participate. I really dont see that this could have possibly been the intention of these points. Shall I retaliate pehaps? ,---at random--deducting from any one who seems suspicious? No one would know it was me !!!

    I guess it is pure coincidence that the deductions were made at 4.42 and your reply post was 4.52.
  6. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    No, no coincidence at all -- I am sorry I didn't sign it. Short on sleep, I took the post where you replied "Sorry if that was confusing to you" to be a sarcastic jab. Sorry if I misread you. I've removed the - reputation I gave.
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  7. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    I am learning so much today.

    "Sorry if that was confusing to you" was considered by you to be "rude"? so you deducted approx 40% of my points!

    Oh Ok.!!! Well this is very enlightening I was never trueley aware of just what reason one would have to deduct from anothers reputation.

    So a sarcastic jab should be reason enough for a deduction, -- a massive reduction it would seem!! You might be able to clarify this but I dont think as a normal senior member that I have the ability to deduct such a large ammount --do I?

    In that case the Gentleman that told me to get my head out of my *** (his spelling not mine) and that my breath really stinks should have a deduction made you think? I was going to let it go, and I will, as men are men and I would really prefer it that way.

    I am not a writer by any sense of the word. I am merley tying to make my point as breifly as possible. Some times I succeed and sometimes I dont.

    This post is not meant to contain rudeness or sarcasm, niether implied or suggested.
  8. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Yes, I did not read it as a genuine comment. Again you have my apology - I'm sorry I misread your intentions (and I suppose even if it was not a genuine comment I brought it on myself by giving you a link to the state codes without noticing who I was replying to.)

    I don't want the forum to become a place where people insult eachother. If I were in your shoes and someone said that to me, yes I would click the reputation button and give them some feedback.
  9. Guillermo
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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    I'm quite surprised too, Jeff, sorry to tell you this.
    I didn't imagine the Moderator was supposed to come in and give or take big amounts of points. I thought your mission was advertising people when somebody is threatenig the Forums' rules (either by means of a post or a private message) and banning them, if this becomes necessary. But I think taking big bunchs of points is not the adequate way to handle things, in my opinion.

    Of course you can give/take points as anyother if you agree/disagree with what somebody has posted, but not going any further than that, as I think you should be the first one to follow your own rules.

    On the other hand I think the reputation points scheme, although maybe subject to some criticism and improvement, has been good for the sake of the Forums. Those annoying 'proffesional' or compulsive offenders are now out of the game, or performing a much quieter language, with has been excellent. It is not important how many points somebody has or has not (In fact I never look at the posters' reputation points) but the effect giving/taking has in his behaviour.

    Next thing that would be great is if you try to bring back again to the Forums some good and interesting voices from qualified professionals lost in those crazy months of personal agressions and bad language.

  10. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Remember the "big bunchs of points" was "7."

    The original problem as I perceived it was that a group of new people had joined the forum and rapidly changed the tone for the worse with rapid posting of "personal aggressions" (I think is a good way to put it), so the point system was set as:
    Thus my click was weighted 11 points for registering in 2001 when we moved to the vbulletin software from the old boardpower software, 2 points for post count, 1 point for reputation = 14 / 2 = 7 with one negative vote.
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  11. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Altering power--hits count--I dont understand a word of that Im sorry. Heres something else I dont understand --If the problem that ecouraged the froum to adopt the reputation points has now gone then why keep them going . Its obvious they are not popular.

    For every X number of days user gets one point of reputation? ( understood that bit)

    What happened to me then? I have been here since May 2002, this morning I had 13 points,-- Ok I got back the points from Jeff and now I am 20

    I have just one deduction only (apart from todays disturbance) Would you say that being here for that amount of time with 20 points makes me look credible?

    I am adicted to this forum and I dont have the time to put into it what I do. I thought this morning that by this time today I would be banned. I seem to have escaped this, however After all the time and effort I have put into it ( I have helped some people some times) I feel as though Ive had a bit of a kick in the teeth today for nothing more than daring to have a chat with the boss.
  12. hansp77
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    all I can say is
    chill out buddy.
    Calm down a little and don't worry about the numbers!

    Though I don't understand the equations that Jeff posted, basically (I think) it means that the longer you are here, the more you have posted, and the higher your reputation- then the more weight your reputation giving or taking has.

    So if a new junior member gives you negative rep- then maybe it will be 1 point deduction.
    If a super-senior member (such as Jeff) gives you negative rep then it may amount to 7.

    Negative Rep? yeah ok, it does sting a little. I have had a moan or two about it myself.
    My main issues are when I get it with no explanation.
    What's the point, I think, if you don't even know why or how you have offended someone.
    Though I have never been hit with a 7 point deduction- most of us have copped at least a few smaller ones.

    But Jack- you have gotten your explanation, and more than that you have gotten TWO apologies from Jeff. (and you got your points back!)
    Ok, maybe it might be seen as unusual or innapropriate for the moderator to give out negative reputation- but so what?
    In the end, this is Jeff's place, and I think we are all rather gratefull for him providing it, and thus maybe we can be a bit understanding that Jeff is after-all human too.
    He felt that you aimed a 'sarcastic jab' at him- and then appologised for such...
    Time to move on.
    If you don't like the reputation points thing, then just try to ignore it.
    I certainly try to ignore it.

    I like it that people are generally respectfull and polite here- even when we disagree.
    Jeff said:
    "I don't want the forum to become a place where people insult eachother"
    I couldn't agree more.
    If one wants to fight and insult people, there are plenty of places on the internet for that (try the WBF bilge).
    If the points system does anything to discourage insults, and it actually seems that it does- then I am all for it.

    Thats my bit, and now I will shut up.

    I don't mean to insult you at all, or start an argument- I like ya...

    I just think that respect should be payed where it is due.
    And in my books, Respect is due to Jeff.


    If you want to see what the other option is- that is, free reign on personal insults and arguments in a boat forum- check it out for yourself.
    A rather usefull forum for venting steam or agression- but in my books, rather useless for getting/sharing advice and knowledge on boats(especially if you are not American).
  13. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Thanks Hansp,-- Its Ok Im cool as they say. My words for some reason always seem to carry aggression,--- I dont know why,-- I am the absalute most unaggresive guy in the world.
    Hey do you like my new signiture. Its more of a disclaimer really. Just so I dont get into any more trouble.
  14. Figgy
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    Figgy Senior Member

    Seriously, thats HUGE! Very cool of Jeff.
    Love the new Sig. Jack!
  15. westlawn5554X
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT

    Maybe should spend sometime in ebay looking at stuff help you cool down and make your credit card feel heavy with bills of junk... I mean big time junk collection:)

    I know i got hit twice but heh i am new and it doesnt stint that much, nothing to lose as long as we gain knowledge.
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