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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sunflower100, Feb 29, 2012.

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    I posted this in another forum with no results so before giving up I am going to try it here in the hope someone missed it before.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the sailing qualities of the Fortune 30 cutter? It was designed along Friendship sloop lines by Bob Fortune and Stan Huntingford and built in Vancouver B.C. in the 70's. They were moulded by Coopers and finished by various outfits including several homebuilts from hull & deck kits.

    I know quite a bit about the design and variable construction but I'd like some input from anyone who has sailed one.

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    Sunflower-- post a photo and any other info you have --hull lines-- specs -- in many cases a photo will jarr a memory if not the hull and rigging info will allow some accurate deductions to be posted---Geo.
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    Um.....the Fortune 30 is nothing like a "real" Friendship sloop as built in Friendship Maine. She does have a clipper bow and moderately wide beam with a wide, sawed off transom. The wide, flat sections with shallow keel limit her windward ability. But across or off the wind in some breeze she will scoot right along (where wide beam helps). These are fine coastal cruisers for BC where most windward work is done under power, some have gone offshore in the past. They have a tendency to be stern heavy, generally I guess the ballast is too far aft......
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