Formula Kite (foiler) World Championship-87 competitors!

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, May 6, 2019.

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    Daniela Moroz:
    Formula Kite -Daniela Moroz.jpg

    Moroz, Parlier win Formula Kite Worlds >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
    The championships—hosted by Campione Univela and supported by Regione Lombardia—fizzled out in slightly disappointing fashion when an icy 40kts storm blew over the track, coating the overlooking mountains with snow and preventing racing on the final day.

    The opening men’s qualifying series for the 87* athletes had been shortened, too, by a
    * showing impressive growth from 2017 where there were 58 competitors!!dl
    lack of wind on day three, with another day given over to the first trial of the mixed team relay format to be used when kiteboarding debuts at the Olympics’ Marseilles sailing venue.

    But with enough races on day one to seed the top men’s “gold” flight, the athletes and the women’s fleet had each enjoyed four pulsating races on the championship’s fourth and penultimate day.

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    That's a pretty moderate fleet for a world title on Lake Garda, so hardly deserving of an exclamation mark. Even the J/24s got more boats there last year. The junior and youth RSX got about 140; the Europe dinghy class about 160, I think.

    Interesting that they couldn't race one day because the winds were too light, even in the famously windy Lago di Garda.
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    To note that Nico Parlier is the son of Yves Parlier, an great sailor ( 3 Vendée Globe, Winner of a Jacques Vabre and of a Route du Rhum in monohull) and innovator (introduction of the wing-mast with outriggers instead of spreaders on Imoca.s), creating in 2000 the " Acquitaine design team " with young NAs among which Guillaume Verdier to work on the hydraplaneur project.
    Yves Parlier — Wikipédia
    2002 - Hydraplaneur - Yves Parlier - Plan Verdier
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    Yves Parliers RC Test boat and larger test boat and the bow of the big boat:

    The big 60 footer with planing hulls and rudder T-foils:
    Parlier 60' -aeroyacht.jpg

    Bow of the 60 footer:
    Parlier bow.jpg

    RC Test Model:
    parliers cat model.jpg

    Bigger Test boat:
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