formula jr. thunderbird need info

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Ron F, Feb 15, 2004.

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    Thunderbird One New Member

    I know this thread is old but I wanted to share a pic of our new boat. 1980 Formula Thunderbird One. I fell in love with the design of the boat and its black.Cant seem to find much info on it.

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  2. Woobs
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    Woobs Junior Member

    Like old Formula Jr. boats , this thread will not die!

    I too have a Jr in the process of restoration. It is purported (by the P/O) to be hull #2 made in 1965. I am always doing research on these boats and love any information that is sent my way. Pictures, HIN #'s, specs, etc... all good.

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    theinterceptor New Member


    Can you email me more info if the boat is still available and contact info?


  4. Hemery
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    Hemery New Member

    Hello to all of you happy fews

    my name is Calou, I'm French, from the South west near Biarritz in case you know this place.
    I'm the happy owner of a Formula Thunderbird Junior 1964 since two years.
    I bought the boat with a Volvo 4 cylinders broken, I had this opportunity very rare in my country.
    I have also classic cars so I did not take time to restore it? I bought a 318 Chrysler and rebuilted it, i have minor work to do on the frame and to paint it before I put the engine in.
    I have a very important part missing on my boat, the two engraver "Formula Thunderbird junior " for each side...
    Does any one of you know where I can buy it or is it possible to give me the dimensions please?
    In case you want to have conversations with me, here is my email adress
    Best regards
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