Formula 280 SS outboard conversion

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by MikeHK99, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Hi All ,

    New to this forum but have been active on other boat forums.
    As the title says I am looking for feedback on the outboard conversion of a Formula 280 SS.
    Yes , I have read the multiple discussions on all forums on the pros and cons including the cost factor.
    My situation is slightly different , I own a malibu 23 LSV wake setter and have used 4 engines in 3 years due to the extreme climate I am living in.
    Contrary to the many success stories , there is just no fighting the corrosion , salt and almost alkaline air out here in Hong Kong.
    Coupled with the extremely high cost of getting parts (not to mention engines) shipped over , I am now focused on an outboard.
    Unfortunately due to size restraints at the already limited dry stacking places here , I am limited to 28/29 feet boats.
    The Formula 280 SS fits all of my requirements perfectly , except the inboard engines.
    I have researched all there is to do with the conversions and I am familiar with the armstrong brackets , stainless steel etc.
    Based on what I have read , the major issue is the transom strength.
    Based on the fact that the 280 SS swim platform is part of the hull design and can therefore possibly be used as an additional re-enforcement spot of the bracket , I believe the conversion is feasible on this boat.
    I have however not found even one conversion done on a Formula SS or similar vessel , so would like to know if anyone on this forum has any constructive comments.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Surprised an engine with a closed cooling system wouldn't hold up. How are your engines failing you?
  3. gonzo
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    There is something wrong that has nothing to do with the weather. Even commercial fishermen or paragliding businesses get more time out of their engines.
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