Formula 255 Liberator

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Jennifer1985, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Hey all... So I need some help here. I took on a project and can't seem to find any information anywhere, including the manufacturers. The first thing is, I picked up a 25' Formula 255 Liberator with a non working motor for free. This boat originally came with what appears to be a single engine, as there is only one fiberglass patched area where a stern drive would have been. Currently in there now is a Chrysler 290 (6.3L 383) and it was converted to shaft drive. I hate it because it pushes the motor way too far forward and limits the area around the cabin and dashes. I want to convert it back to stern drive. SO my question here is, should I try to find a second one and make it a twin setup? Or should I just take the one I have, beef it up to 500hp or more and enjoy that? I am thinking the latter, however my real question that will help make this a little bit of a clearer picture is what stern drives are compatible with this engine? I can't seem to find a Dana 81 anywhere and I was hoping to find something newer anyways, that can take a lot more power.

    I will also try to post pictures at some point, but I will say it's completely gutted. I tore everything out and started with a blank canvas. I'm even tearing down the motor right now to do a complete rebuild with new performance parts.

    Any ideas for my original issues would be greatly appreciated. I am really thinking about just using the Chrysler 290 and rebuilding it with performance parts and a supercharger. But I have no idea what can bolt up to it stern drive wise. And the other option is to just simply re-power with twin Mercruiser 5.7L V8's @ 300HP for $2200 each. Opinions?
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    I assume you are referring to a Four Winns Liberator (V Bottom) not a Liberator cat correct? If so, I don't know if you'd fit twin 5.7s in there. I thought all the Liberators were single sterndrive. A single with a Merc Bravo drive will run nice. If I remember, they were quick boats for their time.
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    Don't try to match anything up with what was once there or what you have now, just get a new (newer) complete engine/outdrive package and drop it in.

    Edit, didn't see that this was a year old thread when I replied.
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