ford engine ID?

Discussion in 'Diesel Engines' started by hinemoa, Jan 19, 2011.

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    hinemoa hinemoa

    hi guys, i have just brought a 11m fishing boat, it was running a 120hp ford d series 6cylinder diesel which heat seized due to water pump failing, but trying to find a replacement engine proves dificult, but i have found a 105hp 6 cyl ford diesel but the only numbers on the block are TI2702e, would this engine have the same bellhousing stud pattern etc to bolt upto my current arrangement as this engine is a complete runner.
    any help would be awesome thanks
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    KRL Junior Member

    Hey, I have two 2.5 Tdi ford transit engine in my 19ft boat (planning hull) with shaft and 4 blade props. I cannot make the boat plane it seems that the power is there but it cannot plane sometimes I wonder if the engines are two heavy. Maximum I managed to get around 10 knots when reving at 2300 rev/min.

    What speed do you manage to achieve.
  3. rayman
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    Hi Hinemoa, your engine is a Ford-Turbo-Intercooled 2702E model probably marinised by Lees Marine of Papakura.Bell housing should be standard, any old truck gear will fit. Nothing special about them. Sorry, just an old fraud.
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