Ford 302 in Campion

Discussion in 'Sterndrives' started by steele m.a., Mar 31, 2011.

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    steele m.a. Designer/Engineer

    My friend has a Campiion 24 minus engine.
    I'm thinking of building up a Ford 302 for the
    purpose , but don't know what drive the original I/O
    had on it .
    Another friend has another Campion with no engine
    and a reasonable Bravo drive hanging onto the hull.
    Will an automotive Ford small block 302 simply mate
    to the spline shaft of that Bravo ?
    What year engine , number of splines ...
    I usually build either aero or automotive engines , is the
    spline to driveshaft press fit different on a Ford 302 / Bravo
    than the simple driveshaft alignment you would find on an
    automotive application ?
    It's been suggested that a transom plate is missing .
    Does the transom plate hold the rear of the Ford block to the
    sterndrive ?
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    The simple answer is no. Read the threads in marinizing DIY. There are quite a few differences, several for safety. If you are doing a complete rebuild and you are an aircraft mechanic, you should have no problem reading the specs for a marinized engine. The flywheel and harmonic balancer should match. Also the flex plate and coupler where the input shaft goes into. There is a transom assembly that holds the two rear mounts of the enigne, aligns the input shaft with a gimbal bearing and where the outdrive and trim rams bolt to. The assembly has the steering mechanism as integral part of it.
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