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For Sale Two 7' 6" Tender Boats

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by joz, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. joz
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    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    joz Senior Member

    I have two 2.3 metre (7’ 6”) tender boats to which are both of stich and glue construction (plywood). These boats have been used once only since they were built and are kept under storage since.

    One is a flat bottomed boat and the other is a multi chine boat, both boats have the following listed:

    • A full length keel.
    • Floorboards with anti slip floor covering.
    • 3 coats of epoxy resin both in and out and also the have 6 coats of marine varnish for the timber work.
    • Both boats are very stable and quite fast under rowing
    • Both boats are light weight and low maintenance
    • Both boats come with One (1) heavy duty trolley to which can be used for the flat bottom or multi chine boat
    • A set of oars comes with One(1) boat only
    • Both can fit on a 8’ 0” X 4’ 0” trailer or inside a van
    • Both boats are well suited as a tender boat, small fishing boat, hunting boat or rowing boat
    • Suited for two adults or four small children

    This is a genuine sale, Have photos if requested
    The Cost $ 650.00 ONO for Each Boat
    Location is Melbourne Australia
    For further information Email: joz1971@hotmail.com
  2. joz
    Joined: Jul 2002
    Posts: 166
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    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    joz Senior Member

    This boat is still up for sale here are the pics for this boat. if you are intrested please email me at the above email.

    Reason for sale is to make room so I can build my Gnat Class sailing dinghy.

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