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For Sale: Glascraft G2 Gelcoat System Complete with Boom Cart

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by DWAC, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. DWAC
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    DWAC New Member

    IMG_5332.JPG IMG_5293.JPG IMG_5295.JPG IMG_5323.JPG IMG_5308.JPG IMG_5315.JPG IMG_5297.JPG IMG_5325.JPG IMG_5322.JPG IMG_5304.JPG
    Includes additional parts;
    Chopper Gun Heads, Mounting Brackets, Guides, fluid pumps, gel guns, gun parts, fluid tips, seals, fluid lines, service manuals
    Some parts and manuals fit Binks and Magnum Gelcoat Systems.
    Too many parts to list individually! Shown images are just an idea of the parts included. More images can be emailed upon request.
    Selling all together for $5,000
    Contact Dave at casecustomsdesign@gmail.com or via cell (941) 720-7707 Text Welcome too!
    We are located West Coast of Florida just south of Tampa in Bradenton!
  2. DWAC
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    DWAC New Member

    Update to the Post; There is enough Glascraft parts to make an additional complete system and many more for maintenance.
  3. jadid
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    jadid New Member

    hi is the glass craft fiberglass resin pump still available?
  4. Steve bran
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    Steve bran New Member

    So it currently needs to be repaired and put back together?

  5. wet feet
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    wet feet Senior Member

    That seemed to be the case five years ago.
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