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For Sale: 44' George Sutton Radius Bilge Steel Cutter - $10,000 o.b.o

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Justin E. Brown, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. Justin E. Brown
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    Justin E. Brown New Member


    I have recently purchased (Dec. 2017) a just about brand new 44' George Sutton radius bilge steel cutter center cockpit hull. The hull and deck were built 2008 professionally in St. Augustine Florida. I've had the hull inspected by two different local (Beaufort, NC) commercial builders and they both say the construction is excellent. The boat is a beautiful design from a conservative traditional designer. If you're looking to build a steel boat and are into this design, this hull is a great start.

    General Specs:
    LOD: 43' 6"
    LOA: 47'
    Beam: 12'
    Draft: 5' 8"

    Included are George Sutton's original hand-drawn plans and Table of Offsets. I have also put the hull into Rhino (3D design program) and have just about finished designing an interior that would have worked for me. I will include this file, or export it to whatever format you need if you want to use it.

    The hull, deck, and rudder are complete, and the boat comes with solid bronze port lights and a new Edson bronze quadrant. When I bought it, it came with some miscellaneous deck hardware of varied utility. Also, due to a delivery snafu, included are eight brand new jack stands ($1,600).

    There is 9,000 lbs. of lead ballast (pigs) in the keel.

    There is also an aluminum hard dodger included.

    The condition of the hull is excellent. The exterior epoxy coating is in excellent shape, with spots in the interior that should be repaired. This isn't structural, just the interior coating is starting to fail in a couple spots. I was quoted $4,200 to have the interior blasted to white metal and then recoated by a local industrial marine coating company.

    I intended to build this boat for higher latitude work, but another opportunity has come up so I have to move on. I don't have a ton into this boat, so I feel like I have it priced well for a quick sale. The listing with pictures is here: 2008 George Sutton 43.5 Radius Bilge Steel Cutter sailboat for sale in North Carolina https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/74451

    Through some research, I found a boatbuilder in Florida who actually worked under George Sutton himself for many years before starting his own company. This person has been invaluable for getting information about the design, as well as fit out methods and materials ideal. I can pass on that contact info to whomever buys it if needed/desired.

    If you've any questions, feel free to contact me (info in the listing). I do regret not seeing this project through, but... an opportunity is an opportunity, what can I do?

    Thanks for checking out the post!
  2. Justin E. Brown
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    Location: Beaufort, NC

    Justin E. Brown New Member

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