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    Nice one, thank you. It is so well summed up by that woman in the jury - stories like this one help show many things that worry us or make us angry as they really are, so insignificant and pathetic. It is a lesson I have learned in these 39 years of mine and am always trying to keep it in mind. But it is always a good thing to brush up on it from time to time.

    Once we see and comprehend how difficult even just a bare living is for so many people around us, our own life gets better and we start feeling happy and grateful for everything we have had in our life. And then, we can try to give back what we've been given, just like ms. Moira Kelly fortunately did. :)

    Thanks again!
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    Well, doesn't that just knock the s#!t out of 'ya.

    Thanks rasonic.


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    Talent for sure!
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