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    hiya all,
    any input on a concept i am working on right now, i would like to build a foldable river dory in the 17 to 18' loa.
    i am thinking of using a solid ply wood floor that possibly folds down the center.
    with pvc inflatable raft fabric on the sides, possibly a double ender, no transom- easier to set up i think.
    seats would create the spread at the gunwales and the rocker required.
    either alum. or laminated wood structure to stretch the fabric over- the fabric would be glued to the bottom at the chines.

    intended use. relatively flat water/ flowing rivers, but no major white water.
    but will need to carry a good load.
    1 500 lbs!!!
    i dont mind if it takes a little while to set up, as it wont be happening on a daily basis.
    check these out- same beam, bit more loa
    any ideas and input will be truly appreciated
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