Foldable rail to ease embarking/disembarking

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by the brain, Dec 19, 2017.

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    Foldable rail to ease embarking/disembarking

    My vessel has a 45” height transom she’s tall the transom cap/gunwales add 3”

    Plus 3” of railing is to high.

    I strained my groin(4 month”s ago still not 100% heeled) climbing into the vessel. I swing my left leg over the rail then

    Kindof swing the rest of me. The strain happened wearing tight long jeans

    See I swung my left leg over the rail much harder than normal like if I had shorts on.

    I need to lower the rail w/ a foldable section of rail (a transom door would be nice)

    How’s this look?

    Marine Stainless 7/8" Boat Rail Fittings Folding Swivel Tube Pipe Connector | eBay

    I can visualize the folding end of rail mounted close to hut. the other cut end will need a seat/surport maybe another dedent bolt to secure?

    edit I could just make the tube section removable. or maybe a telescoping rail that slides in and out the way.


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    Think i'd just rather have a swing down ladder :)
  3. the brain
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    actually this section of railing was damaged (long story). w/ railing removed it is much easier to embark. there is still a small section of rail at the cabin for grabhandle and sportberella umbrella attachs for side protection.

    eventually I will repair the rail and add the folder. currently trailer is missing the fender which elevates me 2" now this issue being 2" lower is creating another embarkment problem w/ my strained groin caused by this embarkment issues I'm having I wish for a lower cutout section of transom.

    I actually stow a 5' rope style ladder which I will eventually use to embark at bow, like at the local river launch there isn't a dock, there are floating docks just not for launch/retrievals.
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    You should just grow longer legs. ;)
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