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    Once I saw a photo - on a US boating web site - of a "fold down" rocket launcher, devised and constructed on a contender 25 Centre Console "T" Top in Florida. Some years later when I finally bought a decent boat - I needed just such a beast - and do you think I could find the pics again? :(

    Anyway - after much fruitless searching - I gave up - and went to see countless aluminium fabricators and explained, sketched (and waved my hands and arms a lot) & described what I wanted...and they all basically said - what a great idea..and that they could make just such a beast - but it would involve complicated design work - manufacturing cardboard templates to test the fold mechanism and so on etc etc..which of course meant COST went thru the roof! (Most wanted more to design it than to actually make it!).

    The only potential "problem" with them is if, you fold the launcher rack down to get ONE rod out and another in an adjacent rod tube "falls out" while you have the rack in the folded down position etc...

    The benefit of a folding rocket launcher of course, specially for those of us born with "ducks disease" (our butts too darn close to our feet!), is that - you don't have to jump 7 feet into the air to insert and retrieve your rod from the rocket just fold it down, withdraw rod and fold back up again afterward!

    Well, I FINALLY solved the about half the cost of having the special folding rocket launcher rack bracket all manufactured specifically for my boat as a "one off"...

    Drum Roll - Taaa Daaahhh - Individual folding rocket launchers! :idea: :p

    Yup - 316 stainless - with plastic inserts to protect the butt - a decent drain hole in the bottom and a pin to locate the fighting but gimbal end...

    These things are just great - they swivel a full 360 degrees as well - meaning you can "lean" the holders to either side as well - if you want more spread. Some folks use em as outrigger bases I'm told.

    They were only $100.00 AUS (bout $70.00 US) ea - and six of em cost me about HALF the cheapest quote to build a decent fold down rocket launcher bracket with 6 tubes.

    They have a really large serrated tooth radius curved slotted base, with a central locking hand screw that allows adjustment up or down (like when trailering, I lower them, or to remove an individual rod - you can just lower the holder for that individual rod!).

    Also - the base has a round star shaped serrated tooth swivel arrangement, for a full 360 degrees rotation...meaning you can lean them port or starboard as much as you want.

    The securing handscrew is quite large and has a spring washer, so you can get a real good grip on them, and they lock up 100% tight and won't slip up or down or swivel sideways unless you undo them by hand first. Heck - you can swing off them and they don't move!.

    I'm really impressed with them (if you can't tell).

    I'll try for a digital photo (but I'm not much good at posting same so someone else may have to volunteer to do so!).

    I found them in a boat equipment catelogue (RWB Marine) at the Perth Boatshow a month or so ago, and my local boat shop got them in for me.
    They are called Heavey Duty Rod / Game Pole Holders, Adjustable Mount Part RWB1316.
    I'll post more details of the manufacturer etc soon as I get a closeup digital pic of one. Maybe the digital camera in the sons mobile phone will do the job...let me see what I can do.

    I feel like a dog with two tales - this rocket launcher thing was turning into a production bigger than ben hur, till I found these little beauties - heck I probably spent what they cost in fuel just visiting ally fabricators trying to get something custom built!

    I hope these might help others out in a similar situation.

    Ahh - thank Google!

    Unfortunately they don't have the beast in their online 'cattle dog' yet so I will have to try n get a photo for you.

    Hope this helps someone else in the same dilemma, out someday!

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