foam tubes?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Psycho D, May 1, 2003.

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    Is anyone familiar with any type of foam rod supplier? i am thinking about trying to design a fiberglass or graphite T-top for my boat. It is still just a thought, but it seemed that foam tubes would be perfect for this. Thanks in advance.
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    Have you thought of using C-Flex strip? It comes in two grades...CF-65, thickness .125" and CF-39, thickness .080". Each one are in planks 12" wide & up to 250' in length. I believe the lighter product will accomplish what you attemp to create. The fiberglass rods, similar to a fiberglass fishing rod are held on 1/2 centers by a light weight fiberglass cloth sandwich. It is great for most applications mainly because it can conform to compound curves. Just build a mold of your top, staple on the C-Flex properly, wet out with casting resin and bingo! Finish the layup with mat and cloth. The company Seemann Fiberglass, that manufactures the product is located at 6117 River Road, Harahan, Louisiana. Telephone number 504-738-6035...Good luck!
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