Foam substitution---PAR?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by johnsonmtz, Apr 23, 2004.

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    PAR, thank you so much for your advise thus far.

    I checked into the foam at FGCI and the materials plus shipping would run about $200 for the amount I need.

    Is there anything I can substitute for this foam? I have wondered if I could use rigid foam board (Like they use as sheathing on homes) cut into strips between the stringers and then put a layer of mat and resin on top of that? I have seen this foam used as flotation for for docks and it doesn't appear to absorb much water.

    I would need to calculate the cost as that might actually cost as much as the pourable product. However, I'm trying to explore all options before I plunk down $200 clams for materials.

    Thanks again.

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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Most of the foam you can get at the local home repair store will be the open cell type and you already know what that does in water. There may be a closed cell foam available from a store like that, but I'm not sure of what you have available in your area.

    Resent laws concerning hazardous materials being shipped around the country have jumped the fees a bunch. It's getting expensive to ship anything other then toasters built in China.

    Check the labels, call some of the dock builders, call some boat repair shops, see if there are any boat builders in your area. I'm close enough to run down and grab a drum when I need one (I've even made them stay late on a Saturday to bail me out of a jam or two)

    Boat builders have to be a very resourceful lot . . .
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    The foams at the builder supply will dissolve in polyester or vinylester resins. You'll need epoxy, which will probably be mopre expensive than closed cell foam.
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