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    Don't quite understand the French but basically Marc is looking for partners to help design and build a foiling tri. See the magazine "Deciders"(?) translation below.
    Even without understanding the French the fantastic boat pictures are worth a view:

    Marc Thiercelin to relaunch his ultimate project and search for partners


    Marc Thiercelin entre terre et mer


    You may have followed him during one of the many races he participated in, from the Vendée Globe to the Transat Jacques-Vabre. A confirmed sailor, lecturer and teacher, Marc Thiercelin is now embarking on a new adventure: creating a trimaran capable of "flying" over water, and extending its uses to share it with the greatest number.

    A sea monster of 18 tons, 32 meters long and more than 20 meters wide, whose mast points to 40 meters... and that flies. "The ultimate trimaran," sums up Marc Thiercelin. The navigator, which travelled more than 700 000 kilometers on the oceans, embarked on the design of an exceptional racing boat, which would no longer be reserved for the only callous hands of the confirmed skippers. "I want to transform the model to invite a larger number of actors: companies, enthusiasts, researchers, engineers," he explains. To find this balance, he put on 150 days a year of competition and 100 days of various benefits, for example, to companies wishing to propose an original team building, to individuals in search of ocean shivering or, again, to Researchers and engineers. The gamers are also a target for Marc Thiercelin, who focuses on the potential of e-sailing and that successes like that of Virtual Regatta do not dement.

    Increased sailors

    To attract these users, the trimaran that the skipper imagined is a concentrate of technology. Equipped with foils that allow it to "fly" up to ten metres above the waves, the ship will be equipped with an onboard artificial intelligence system, to manage flight, altitude and speed. The sailors will be the hosts of exoskeletons. "The first goal is to collect data on physical exertion, recovery and trauma." In order to be able to apply to various areas such as disability and even the army. "I want to keep in mind that everything we do on this boat can have an impact on what's on the ground," the contractor says.

    Investors actors

    And for the project to come to light, the funding has also been redesigned. "The boat can be considered an asset, as well as a building, vine or vintage car," says Marc Thiercelin. Three types of financiers are therefore involved in the project: Investors who finance the assets, with an expected return of 8%, the companies that buy benefits, and the sponsors who are dedicated to the competition. "It creates a virtuous circle and shares the risk.

    Two scenarios are emerging concerning the asset, which could be the choice of a 2011 maxitrimaran to rehabilitate (Oman Air Majan), or the purchase of a boat (Macif or Idec), for a similar budget of around 5.4 million euros. About two thirds of the financing will be insured in bank debt and by Bpifrance, the remaining third being reserved for investors, for an entry ticket of 100,000 euros. Twelve months will be needed for the rehabilitation, and the holding horizon is set at five years, with an estimated resale price of 4 million euros. Moored in Marseille, the trimaran is intended to be an ambassador of the region, involving skippers and entrepreneurs from the south of France. A complete project carried by a true passionate of the big blue.
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    The proposal is decidedly scant on detail. I guess Marc wants to have a few irons in the fire with the hope that something strikes a chord. He has been attempting to get the sponsorship money to repair the old 100' Oman Sail trimaran for quite a few years now.
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