Flying Boat Project

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Dubisgamer, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. whitepointer23

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    I wonder how small wigs perform in gusty winds. When you watch the universal hoverwing video it looks like it would be hard to handle.
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    It would make very little sense to go fully airborne, either in or out of ground effect, with that boat as a base. It would require too big wing area to make it practical and reasonably safe.
    But it could be possible and feasable to add hydrofoils to the boat. Not really flying, but almost like flying. Wouldn't require a radical structural makeover and a change of the propulsion type like a fully-airborne craft would.
  3. whitepointer23

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    I don't think you could get it to fly. Flying boats have stepped hulls to break away from the water. I suppose he could hit a big wave flat out and get off the water for a second.
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    The best name I can offer for this flying boat is "Death Wish". :eek:

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    He might simply mean he wants it to "fly", scoot, getup, run like a scalded pup, etc. In which case the hull is rated at 150 HP, which should get her blasting along pretty good on a half century old hull.
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