Floating nightmare

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Callinectes, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Wow ! We really got out into left field here didn't we ? First there was the poor ******* who is rebuilding his boat and now there's a critique of a poor ******* in the whitehouse who is rebuilding our national economy, world perception, and screwing with the public trust. If he keeps doing that some of us are going to become annoyed.

    Yes this is a stability forum, and I agree that we need to vent in order to preserve some vestige of our own stability.

    And about the litigious society thing; I once read an account about a 30 year old Stanley hammer. The handle had been replaced years before. While using the hammer, the head flew off, bashed the user in the head, and caused him some pain and suffering. He sued Stanley and won. Q: What kind of lawyer would represent that careless plaintif ? A: a greedy one who is unencumbered by common decency or common sense. Q: why do sharks not attack lawyers who have fallen overboard? A: Professional courtesy. Shakespeare was right.

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    Still, you have to wonder about the judge and/or jury. And particularly, the guy who mistook himself for a nail.
    i went to the Salvage yard yesterday to get cash for stainless. The guy there came up to me and said, "Well, put it on the scale!", all huffy-like.
    I said, "Sure--- I didn't know if you wanted me entering the work area."
    So I unloaded the stuff, turned to him and said, "Remember this. One day soon, you will be stopping the customer from touching anything once the truck's backed up."
    I would have been glad to help unload, but most places practically take your shoelaces and belt and have yellow lines all over the floor. Can't win.

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