Floating Edsel?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by meblom, Sep 14, 2011.

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    First off...new guy here. Love the board so far.

    Was thinking this topic, so I thought I'd solicit opinions...there are lots - LOTS - of unattractive boat designs out there. For all of their efficiency and livability, some feel like many Kady Krogen (just as an example) models should be painted black and run only at night (sorry, Krogen owners).

    That being said, are there any models that come to mind that, in theory, were probably good designs, but in reality were the floating embodiment of the Ford Edsel?

    One that comes to mind is the Glastron/Carlson Scimitar.

    Are there others that stand out as big "uh-oh" moments for major builders?
  2. Rick Tyler
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    All modern express cruisers. Every one of them.
  3. keith66
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    The boats built by Arvor, their lines offend the eye from all angles.
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    You have named few models in the above posts. Well, apart the Scimitar (http://www.classicglastron.com/83gl-scimitar-crop.jpg - how the hell does one get to the bow to use those cleats?) which is much more unpractical than unattractive, I personally don't find either Kady Krogen or Arvor boats so ugly.
    Arvor, in particular has obviously had a tough task to accomplish - to put a human-size cabin on a very small hull. The result is inevitably not too elegant, but the task was fairly well-accomplished imho.
    Krogens are classic-style trawlers, so are not intended for customers of Ferretti or Pershing. Ferretti - now that I've mentioned it... Their models ranging from 700 upwards are, imho, very unattractive and non-original designs.
    So, I guess the beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. ;)
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    All Nordhavn's except the 46 and 62.
  6. PAR
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    Most of Bolger's box boats and the PDR and it's derivatives.
  7. Stumble
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    Anything called a trawler with a top speed of 20+kn
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  9. daiquiri
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    Well, perhaps I was just lucky but I actually never had a need to moor my car when parking it...
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