Fishing Vessel Operation

Discussion in 'Education' started by Hamidi, Aug 11, 2004.

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    Base on the operation of fishing vessel, what is the characteristic that influence the thrust or propulsion of the vessel, is that it's engine or the mode of the operation or both........if someone have idea that have a link with that question, can you tell me a detail? :)
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    The mode of operation is what influence the propulsion of the vessel. The thrust has to be enough to pull the nets and has to give the vessel enough speed to get from and to the fishing grounds.
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    If thinking otter trawler think of a tug boat the more ballard pull the more effective of a fishing machine she will be... next thought will be deck machinery...trawl winches that can handle the power if the gear snags the bottom or just the normal wear and tear of hauling the nets in with the vessel powering ahead at all times! In my experience speed is not an issue in an effective fish dragger think 10 knts plus or minus 20% and live with it!
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