First World Problem?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by philSweet, Apr 5, 2015.

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    So have they established the DNA registry of all dogs already? Bet that was cheap.

    Kinda reminds me of another, er, crappy idea:

    Some years ago I heard about a European city, in Holland I think but in that general area I'm sure, that had imposed a large fee to have a cookout ... justified to help fight global warming. To enforce the regulation they equipped a helicopter with IR sensors to fly around looking for scofflaws.
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    IMO "city people" have gotten crazy about any pet waste and are getting excessive and making life unnecessarily difficult for dog owners.

    For example:
    "a 12-person "code enforcement task force" will soon be prowling the beaches looking for dog owners who flaunt the law. The effort to stem violations comes in the hopes of preventing high bacteria levels in the water: "One extra dog poo can be what causes an exceedance - tips you over the edge" and leads to a fine for the county, explains one Beach Commissioner."

    I have a hard time believing that one "bad dog" mistake compares in bacteria volume to the amount of waste released into the ocean by whales, sharks, and millions of other fish. That must be on a greater order of magnitude. Also compare to the amount of bird droppings released daily along the coastline and over the ocean.
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    A pet is a luxury item. If you're too lazy, thoughtless or fastidious to pick up your dog shyte then someone else will do it for you - at a steep price.

    Frankly I can't see the problem here. I don't like stepping in dog droppings because owners won't pick up after their little darlings. Goes double on public beaches.

    Yeah it's a First World issue - I like living in the First World so I don't have a problem with it. In the 3rd World a pet might well become pet stew, problem solved all round.

    Yeah, there are a lot of other animals crapping in the ocean. That's not the issue. If you want to go and hold your dog in the water while it takes a dump, fine. Preferably at least a metre below the surface.....

  5. upchurchmr
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    As absurd as it first seems, at least the "guilty" people seem to be reliably identified and held accountable.

    So many other laws are passed and enforced that just punish everyone for a small number of peoples deeds.
    Hopefully they are not getting it wrong - that is the only reason I would support this.

    It is not the pets fault.

    What does this have to do with "All things Boating"?
    Let's get the administration to start a BILGE, like has.
    That's where this crap belongs.

    I don't come here to step in this either.:(
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    The Boat Design Net site doesn't wish to host a totally off-topic bilge area; if a topic has some relevance to boaters and boating in general or a tangential relationship with boating, the All Things Boats and Boating forum offers some latitude compared with the main boat design or boat building forums.

    But for topics which are totally unrelated, there are so many sites which are dedicated to almost every topic now, it would be better to post the totally non-boating, non-marine related topics on one of these many sites or facebook. For example it's asked to take threads on politics or religion to a different venue.
    The problem with having an "anything-goes" bilge is that the database then gets bloated out with too many topics that don't really contribute much to the core boating focus of the site, and when the topics are not common interests of everyone but are more offensive to some, having everything under one site leads to the bilge spilling over into the main forums.

    So if it's related to boating in some way or generally of interest to boat designers or boatbuilders or boaters in general, it's ok to post topics which are a bit tangential here. But if it's totally unrelated, it's better to post it on one of the many existing sites which exist for those purposes.

  7. Rurudyne
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    This thread reminds me of a Futurama joke: "You sent us on a bogus mission to Dog Doo 9, but the universe ends just after Dog Doo 8!"
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