First woman to win the Transat 6,50?

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    (September 24, 2007) French female sailor Isabelle Joschke has won the first
    leg of the Transat 6,50 Charente Maritime Bahia (Mini Tranast) that started
    last Tuesday. Sailing her brand-new Finot-designed prototype Degrémont
    Synergie, Joschke sailed a tactically perfect race from La Rochelle to
    Funchal, Madeira managing to hold off her closest rival Sam Manuard on
    Sitting Bull - another brand-new boat this year - and crossed the line at
    0211 Monday morning. And sailed 1,100 miles in 5 days, 15 hours, 33 minutes
    in 30 seconds.

    Joschke has been racing Open 6,50s for four seasons and competed in the 2005
    event aboard the boat formerly sailed by British sailor Sam Davies. In this
    race she finished a creditable 15th overall. Now, two years on she's leading
    the event's biggest ever fleet and could become the first women to ever win
    the event. -- Yachting World, complete story:

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