First Use of Foil Assist on Mono Keelboat?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Doug Lord, Jan 12, 2007.

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    It's coming and this is the closest I've seen yet. ORMA tri's use foil assist to reduce the displacement of the ama when flying the main hull and some monohull keelboats may be able to make use of the same princible.
    I couldn't read everything on this site but from what I could read extra vertical lift was not necessarily in the designers plan- but just maybe.....
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    (Thanks to SA)
    Since I could be wrong about this boat I e-mailed the designer-Doug Schickler- to set me straight one way or the other by posting here. Hope he does...
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    --------sy-x 24

    Turns out I was right! This design is particularly significant in that it is the first keelboat(that I know of) to use foil assist as part of it's design-great development.

    From: (Doug*Schickler) Date: Sat, Jan 13, 2007, 1:07pm (EST+6) To: (Doug Lord) Subject: Re: SY-X24
    Thanks for the kind words about the 24.
    Yes, we do anticipate that as the boat approaches planing speed, the upward component of the lift generated (even if the two boards are equally down) will aid in planing. This is the point of one of the inspirations for the curved keels (the ORMA tri's). We have not pressed this "feature" in the description of the design, in part because this lift will bring additional drag by definition. We have tried instead to keep the focus of people's attention on the combined solution of low transit draft, useable interior in a small boat, and (nearly) sportboat performance.
    Keep an eye on our site for the latest developments of the 24 and more.
    Doug Schickler
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