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    I'm trying to come up with a plan for a 10-meter aluminum bluewater sloop. Design touchstones are the Contessa 32 and Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34, with a pinch of Tahitiana thrown in. Here are the specs:

    LOA: 33' . . . . . . Displ: 14,200 lbs
    LWL: 27.6' . . . . Ballast: 6,250 lbs
    Beam: 9.5' . . . . . Sail Area: 605 sq. ft.
    BWL: 7.8'
    Draft: 5.3'

    Safety and a seakindly motion are prioritized above speed and interior volume. Here are some of my performance targets:

    Capsize Ratio: 1.60 or less
    STIX: 35 or better
    Comfort factor: 37 or better

    See the attached images for a rough concept I cranked out of Gregg Carlson's Hull Design program. Thoughs, critiques, and suggestions welcome.

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