first boat.....where to start?

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by vwaxdaus, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Hi, this is my first time on these forums and also owning a boat. I just got this boat for free. It is a 18' 2" renken bow rider with a 3.7 mercruiser in it. It was abandoned and doens't look like it had beeen used for at least a year. Since I'm in charleston the weather doesnt get to cold any part of the year. The boat was filled with debree (leaves, sticks, old fishing stuff) and the panels all had rotting wood behind the fabric. So far stripped the boat out and saved one of each panel and set of seats to makes templates for new stuff.

    Now the big question. What about this motor? I work on airplanes for a living so i am pretty mechanically inclined ( aircraft electrician). Now the engine itself looks alright, but as many know looks may be deceiving. I checked the gear oil in the out-drive assy and there were no metal bits or shaving so that was good. There is still and tun of crap in the botton of the boat under the engine and is pretty hard to get to.

    Where should i begin now? I know I have to change the oil/filter, get all the old gas out of the tank and clean that tank out, and make sure all the wiring on the side where the battery lies, is straight. There is a whole slew of wiring and most of it I got figured out. From each terminal I see 1 ea wire going foward to the voltage gage and 1 ea wire going port for the other battery. I found a pair of thick red and black wires going to the aft of the boat and behind the engine, and also found the starter wires. Lastly i found some brown wires with an inline fuse and a switch that led to under the engine??? Not quite sure what that is.

    After changing oil and putting some good gas through the lines, what is suggested that i check or need to make sure is right before starting this thing up? Any input would be appreciated.

    Thanks for looking,
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    The brown wires should be for the bilge pump.
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    I'm also new to this forum.
    I have asked these people two questions. It seems that if you're not one of the boys they pay little attention to u. My questions were easy and replys should take but a minute. Don't be discouraged, there must be other forums where the people are nicer and willing to share their experiences with those of us that need hepl. I'm also a A&E but I perfer working on boats, people don't usually die when the engine quits. A year is not so long for a boat to sit. Does the engine turn over? Can u put it into gear, does the throttle move easily? Squirt some oil into the cyls, put in some fresh gas and batt, give it a go. If you need to be hooked to a water source do it prior to starting. IO's usually have an outboard impeller that needs water. Good Luck
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    Stu, this forum may be a little smaller than you think. An answer to a technical question like the ones you have asked (simple to only the people who can answer them with certainty) can take a bit of time untill the right person finds it, and hopefully can answer it. "A few minutes" is a ridiculous amount of time to expect the answer you are looking for. Sometimes you will get lucky, but other times you just have to wait, and hope. It can help to Rephrase your initial un-answered question, It almost always helps to provide more information, and if photos don't directly help, then they are usually at least a bait, for the more visually minded and curious.
    Most posts and questions will generally get answered here. Sure some seem to slip under the radar, and sure, some people may pay a little more attention to posts by thier friends or members that they have become familiar with. Declaring the entire forum 'losers' is hardly the best way to gain freinds, or attract the efforts at answering your queeries.
    As I've said before to someone. Many people may only check into here very rarely or irregularly.
    There are other forums out there, of course, you are free to choose. If you do hang around, I think you will find that your initial judgements of this place are way off the mark.
    Good luck with your boat and questions.
    Sorry I can't help.

    Hello Rob.
    Beware the illusion of a free boat.
    They can cost more than they are worth.
    I am not a engine guy, and while the engine is a big issue, if you are focussed on this boat, the engine may not be your most important. Also having said that I am not an engine guy, I would not follow Stu's advice and see if the engine will turn over- you probably know this already but if you prepared the engine properly this can cause a lot more problems.
    It appears you have described a very rotten boat.
    Do you like the design very much?
    Is this the sort of boat that you want?
    By the time you have finished with this one, you will have spent a lot of money, and a lot more effort on restoring it. You wanto make sure it is the one you want, because if its not, its restored market value will most likely never pay for the time and money you have invested.
    Other than that warning, good luck.

    How deeply have you investigated the boat? Do you know how much good structure, or hull is left in it?
    The rot will have to come out. All of it.
    Are you prepared to rebuilt this thing from the ground up? you may have to.

    Lastly, do you have some photos of the boat, details of the rot, and general condition of the structure will help.

  5. gonzo
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    Stu: you seem to think any of us owe you something. If you want free information, wait for it patiently. If you want to insult us, call or email at my website and for $75.00 hr I will spend whatever time necessary to solve your problem. This is a forum where participants elect which threads to answer.
  6. Frosty

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    I dont think that Stu gave Rob bad advise, sure see if it turns over, put some oil in the cylinders and crank it up ,-- what else can you do, surely you dont want to take it apart just to see if its ok. Yeah crank it up,--- you'lle soon find out.
  7. Toot
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    Don't take the "losers" comment personally, guys. I believe it was a reference to another thread where I was joking around about the recent spate of aviation losers infecting this forum or somesuch. That's all. Nothing more to see. Move on. ;)
  8. Deeman
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    I have great respect for all and have learned alot since joining this forum.
    All my questions havebeen answered but one...
    and I also do expect an immediate answer.
    Why does my wife call my boat a #$%^%$ , money eating $!#!@# ?
    I have not a clue :)

    Eric H

  9. gonzo
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    If the unanswered question is about your wife, sorry, there isn't a good answer. That is why so many of us fish:)
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