First Attempt: Design to Build a Log

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Bayden, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Personally, I'm wanting someone to transplant a plug-in hybrid car's running gear into a boat of this general sort. "spend much of time running at displacement speed". Plug-in-hybrid doesn't make too much sense for a car, unless you spend lots of time in bad traffic, but could be really nice for a boat you would like to go slow (and quiet) much of the time, but still need good range and easy refueling. However, IIRC there are a few weird boat motor regs that might kill that idea, like water jacketed exhaust.
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    I think that a duel generator diesel electric/battery setup would be the better hybrid option. Where at low speeds and puttering around the marina your running batteries. Further your running a single generator and at high speed you either run two or one larger one. it would pricy and not sure how much $$/fuel you would save. It would certainly be cheaper to get a power plant out of a crashed automotive doner.
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    On further thought I just can not figure a good way to make either make sense. At least at the personal vessel sizes.

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    That is bad advice. You can get a ticket in the city too. In fact, an overwide load is more likely to get stuck turning a corner in the city than on the highway.
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