Find-Guru connects Teachers and Students in a unique way

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    Find Guru who are trying to make an online class room where you can get connected with teachers, attempt assignments and rent books as well

    Find Guru connects Teachers and Students in a unique way facilitating knowledge transfer and mentor ship through the internet.

    They launched a new module for students. students can submit their assignments and the expert panel will help in solving the assignments.

    Ask expert is the another new module for the doubts, Thier expert panel will answer them freely.

    Hope every one enjoy the benefits of the new modules.

    And now they are looking for teachers who can tutor students online please submit your resumes at

    students can register for free and they can get the best rated teachers, rent books online and even update their school/college/university.

    They are working on online learning management system and also search based on SMS which will be upgraded soon. So that teachers and students worldwide can connect using our portal.

    search results from local teachers
    rent books online
    alumni for schools colleges and universities
    rating your teachers,tutors ,professors and colleges

    An article about their company and its growth potential in education sector. so please go through this link
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