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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by duel1985, Jul 5, 2009.

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    just some things that i've been trying to find out i have a 61 owens wood boat we r in the last stage of redoing this boat and i do not know what way to go we have it stained we want to put some type of sealant of the wood to protect it from uv rays and water i know i'll have to maintain this boat every year but we would like to enjoy this boat to with little work effort but not sure what way to go we live in michigan and the boat in the winter is stored out side it is shrinked wraped but it is still out side
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    Unless the shrink wrap is power ventilated, it's not a wise thing to do with a wooden Owens.

    Since you mentioned stain, I'll assume you have a "bright" (naturally) finished boat. If this is the case you have four options, besides leaving it as is.

    The first is varnish, which will require touch ups each year. The next is polyurethane varnish, which might get you two years between touch ups. Next is clear two part polyurethane (LPU) which will get you about 3 years (maybe) between touch ups, but is difficult for the novice to apply and lastly is epoxy coated, with a UV resistant topcoat (varnish, polyurethane or LPU). The epoxy will probably perform the best, but touch ups will be dependent on the clear top coat.

    Without more boat detail and possibly some photos, this is about the best that can be provided.
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    You need to make sure that the wood is able to breath during winter. Otherwise you'll be spending weeks cleaning of mold wearing a mask! You can get a lot of enjoyment out of teak decks, as long as you are prepared to work.

    The top coat mentioned above needs to be monitored, if it is looked after properly then you wont need to re do the varnish so often. I attach a link to posts I have written on the topic of teak and maintenance
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