Final Project: Design of Ferry Jetfoil (Resistance Calculation)

Discussion in 'Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics' started by radityonugra, Sep 10, 2017.

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    Hello i'm an undergraduate student in Department of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering, Faculty of Marine Technology, Sepuluh Nopember Institute Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia.

    I wanna ask for more about my final project, the title is "Design of High Speed Passenger Craft (Ferry Hydrofoil) for Batam, Indonesia to Singapore". Design is conceptual design.
    I just inspired this title from my friend when visits to Hong Kong and sail to Macau with Jetfoil from TurboJET.

    I wanna ask about resistance calculation of Ferry Jetfoil. Did Holtrop (displacement) and Savitsky method (pre-planing or planing) applied on this calculation? Because I found a problem when calculating.

    Thankyou for your cooperation.
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    Firstly, you should really be asking your tutor for guidance; that's what they are there for...!!
    Secondly, it seems your knowledge of hydrodynamics is lacking...because you would not be approaching your project nor asking the questions you have, in such a way.

    Ask yourself this question, what are the parameters of the two methods you have noted...and how closely does this resemble the Jetfoil?
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