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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ivor Bittle, Mar 10, 2009.

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    "...if we all knew how to construct an empirical science..."

    Well, we do. It is what is termed a phenomenon. It is also used by non scientific people to describe "things" they do not fully understand. Also they tend to cry fowl when a scientific person responds (often vehemently, as Ive already noticed on this site), simply because their training/knowledge/intelligence lacks the prerequisite to actually understand the "thing". This is not meant in a patronising or arrogant way. We all have some notion or Einstein's relativity for example, as already mentioned above. But how many could actually derive it from first principals, or extrapolate the theorem further?? Just because one cannot do this, does not make the theorem any less valid! Just means "you" cannot do it...Mathematicians deconstruct the phenomenon to begin to understand the mechanisms. Like any engineering problem, once a mechanism is understood the rest becomes child's play...
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    I am sorry to have given offence. I also note that the diagram I referred to is not on my website. It was before I deleted it but when I uploaded it again I missed it off because I thought it would be taken out of context and propagated when that was not my intention.

    Ivor Bittle

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    Oh, there is no need for that... No offence at all.
    I'm just in strong disagreement with you on some things.
    At least it makes this thursday less boring. ;)
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